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BlackBartís Software is a small company writing useful and powerful software at an affordable price. All software comes with full updates for one year, even if a newer full version is released. Check out what we have to offer, our freeware along with demos to ensure the desired program will meet your needs. Some of the software available includes a pyramid clock, directory tool, process spy, Shotgun Simulator, Internet Tools, Windows Repair (XP), ISO Maker, and BSOD Screensavers.


Want to Protect your Messages and Data sent over the web YES



PCScripts PC Based Prescription Program


SyncME (In Beta) To test send email to

SyncME is a program designed to back-up your files real time, insuring that changes you make to your files are save and protected from loss. The main program allows for Real Time Back-up for frequently changing files and a Manual Back-up for files that rarely change.



Internet Tools


Internet Tools is a collection of three utilities that will assist you with troubleshooting internet connection issues. It consist of a Ping, Trace Route, and in depth internet analysis tools


Startup Controller (In Beta) To test send email to

Startup Controller will allow you to determine what starts When your PC starts and how you want it to run, start first Boot, every Boot, certain days of the week only, ect.. It also comes with a Reminder program to remind you of important Days and Events.




Screen Pixel Tester




This program is design to test and analyze your hard drive looking at every aspect possible to determine the performance and ability of your drives. It is different from most in that it does not do a read/write operation, time it, then calculate the speed, it simply reads/writes as hard and fast as possible and measures the throughput of the drive. This gives you the most accurate results possible.




Windows XP Repair

Windows XP Repair is a program designed to repair most of Windows XP errors and problems. Because most spyware actually changes windows files, Windows XP Repair will often fix most spyware issues.



Pyramid Clock

The Pyramid Clock is a small PC Clock designed for something different. It will show you the time, Hours, Min, Sec along with the Day, Month, and Year.


Shotgun Simulator(NEW)

Shotgun Simulator is designed to show you the critical data on the lead shot/pellets form 0 to 60 Yards. On the main page you can see the velocity reduction, shot drop, shot pattern and shot pressure (impact), at each major yard mark. Understanding this data is critical to improving your accuracy. Understanding the pressure of the shot size you are using and what pressure is required to bring down the game you are hunting will improve your kill ratio.


BlackBart Screensaver 1 Ė Blue Screen of Death (XP)

Blackbart Screensaver 1 is a fun screensaver that will simulate a BSOD, then go through the entire boot sequence of your PC (Windows XP Boot Sequence). It is so realistic that sometimes you will forget it is a screensaver and reboot your computer; but donít, you would hate to loose any data.


Folder 2 ISO

Folder 2 ISO is a small program designed to take a folder and make an ISO image of its contents. It will use MS-Dosand Joliet formats, in most languages, to easily create the ISO images while dealing with Filenames which are too large for the chosen formats.


Process/Thread Tool

Process/Thread Tool is designed to show you all running processes along with all threads (dependency files) for each program. Process/Thread Tool will compare each of these to known spyware in an attempt to help you keep your system clean. You can save a list of all processes and threads for future comparison. A port sniffer is also included to allow you to see all active ports, both TCPIP and UDP


Blue Iris Utility

Blue Iris Utility is a program designed to monitor all of the system resources related to Blue Iris Camera Software.



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