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SyncME Server is designed to allow Remotes to monitor server status, Back-up Files to a designated location, and to Back-up Files to Off Locations sites via the Server Client Remote.


Standard Back-up Utility

Standard Back-up of Files to up to 5 Off Site Locations

Server Client Remotes

Monitor CPU, Memory, Bandwidth, Processes, Drive Space

Receive Back-up Files storing in 1 Folder (Overwriting) or Separate Folders to maintain Version Back-up

Receive Daily Event Logs

Monitor Resources for Bottlenecks or Performance Issues



SyncME Server



The SyncME Server Main Page tracks the primary server functions to be sent to the Remotes. It also logs and emails details about the servers operation to authorized recipients. SyncME Server tracks:


CPU Usage: Current, Last 60 seconds, Last Hour and Last 24 Hours. A 24 Hour CPU graph is available.

Running Processes, Threads, Handles (Program and support files loaded by the Programs)

RAM (Memory) Usage along with Memory and Cache performance Variables

Bandwidth: Current, Total and Peak, Daily and Monthly usages, along with Packet Status

Hard Drives Usage, throughput and performance.


Settings - Remotes



The Remote settings page allows you to setup for 5 Remotes to connect to SyncME Server. To allow the user to receive Realtime Server Status you will need to set a Port for them to connect. If they are going to receive Back-up Files for Off Site Storage then set a BU Port. You can then assign or generate a password, enter the name of the individual using the Remote and assign a Server Code for addition security. You will also see the IP you will need to give the users to connect.


Settings File Back-up



Here you will select the Files/Folders to back-up to the Back-up Locations. You will also need to select the time interval to run the File Back-ups. This is for the Local Back-up Location. If you desire to send Back-up Files to Off Site location you will need to enable the function and select from 2 ways to accomplish the Back-ups.


The preferred way is to download via IIS. This will require the IIS Web is enabled an Address set to a folder for the downloads. If you have an address set to a folder, you can establish a subfolder and point the downloads to that location. For example if you have set to c:\MyDownloads folder, you could create a subfolder, lets say c:\MyDownloads\Syncme then enter that in the IIS Locations and set the IIS HTTP as http:// In this case SyncME will place the files in the set folder then inform the remotes where to download the files from.


The second way is to Enable the Send New Back-up Files to Connected Remotes and ensure you set a back-up port for each remote on the remotes page. In this option once the files are ready SyncME will transmit the files to the authorized remotes. This way is a little slower and is accomplished every 6 hours or once a day.


Settings Close Programs



There are some programs which lock open files, mainly database files, and will require the program to be closed so that the files can be backed-up. For those type programs, for example Quick Books, you will need to select the program and SyncME Server will shut down the program, Back-up the Files, then Restart the program. On average the program will be closed less than a minute. If the program requires command line entries, enter them also. Finally set the best time for these programs to be closed.


Settings - General



First you will need to assign a Server Name that will allow the users to identify the server they are connected to. You also have the option to have SyncME Server start at boot (For some Windows Versions at log on), have SyncME Server auto update if there is a newer version, and if you would like the Daily Logs to be sent to the Remote Users.




Back-up Utility



The Back-up Utility will run a back-up at the set interval. Newer Files will be backed-up to the set location. If Off Site BU is enabled it will also back-up the files to an Off Site preparation folder to be sent once or four times a day.


Settings - Bottlenecks



The Bottleneck Monitoring settings allow you to select what you would like SyncMe Server to monitor and report bottleneck or performance issues. If you server does not utilize a function, then do not include it as the more items monitored can affect the system overall. When entering the Upload/Download speed, use the speed of the internet access, not the network speed. This will allow the proper monitoring of internet traffic


Send Utility



The Send Utility will transfer the back-up files to any connect Client Remote. If connected, back-up files will be sent to be stored at an Off Site location. The Remote user can choose to save the newest files or version copies of all the files sent. If enabled this utility will also send the Daily Event logs to connected remotes.


Server Messages



Messages can be sent to all connected remotes or those you choose. You can choose to include a full system summary if desired.


CPU 24 Hour Usage



A utility is available to view the past 24 hours of CPU Utilization. This is useful in identifying peak periods and if an upgrade is required to keep the server running correctly.


Bandwidth Summary



If you are renting the server and bandwidth limits are an issue, you will want to track your bandwidth usage closely. This summary is available along with the daily logs which show the bandwidth daily usage.


Client Remote



The Client Remote allows the users to monitor the main Server status items critical to its performance. It is also the utility to receive Off Site back-up files.



To use the Client Remote you will need to receive the Server IP, Monitoring port (if allowed to monitor), Back-up Port (if allowed to store Off Site Back-up Files), the unique Server Code and the users Password.


You also have the options to have the Remote Start at boot, save the Zip File that is received, and whether to save the latest Back-up Files or to save each received group (version) in a separate folder. If the Ping function is enabled to the server you also have the option to ping the server to ensure your connection to the server is good.




SyncME Server is currently in final Beta. To participate in the Beta Program, send an email to and put in the subject line SyncME Beta and include your contact information in the body. You will receive a serial number good for the first version. Those who contribute will receive life time updates.




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