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SyncME is a program designed to back-up your files real time, insuring that changes you make to your files are save and protected from loss. The main program allows for Real Time Back-up for frequently changing files and a Standard Back-up for files that rarely change. Some of SyncME’s functions include:


Real Time Back-up Utility

Standard Back-up Utility

Version Back-up for both Real Time and Standard

Back-up to 2 Separate Locations

Easy Restore

Encryption of Back-up Files (Shared Networks)

Encrypt, Zip and Send Files

Steganography – Encrypting Messages and Data in a Picture for Stealth Transmission (Download a Sample)

Large File Splitter/Joiner for (Email/Transmitting)

Protect/Trial Executable Program

Easy Zip Program

Check Disk is run on Back-up drives to check for any Errors to prevent Data Loss

Easy or Auto Purge of Old Version Back-ups


Back-up to an additional system hard drive, a hard drive on your network,

a USB External Hard Drive or anything you can use to store data.




SyncME is currently in final Beta. To participate in the Beta Program, send an email to and put in the subject line SyncME Beta and your contact information. You will receive a serial number good for the first version. Those you contribute will receive a life time updates .


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Purchase for $20 via PayPal