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SyncME Server is designed to allow Remotes to monitor server status, Back-up Files to a designated location, and to Back-up Files to Off Locations sites via the Server Client Remote.


Back-up Utility to Back-up Data to Location on Server/Network

Back-up of Files to up to 5 Off Site Locations

Monitor for Bottlenecks/System Slowing of all Resources

Monitor Selected Programs and Restart if Closed, Errors (Dr. Watson/Werfault), or Stops Responding

Send Server Status via Email or Messages to Remotes

Server Client Remotes

Monitor CPU, Memory, Bandwidth, Processes, Drive Space

Receive Back-up Files storing in 1 Folder (Overwriting) or Separate Folders to maintain Version Back-up

Receive Daily Event Logs

Receive Messages from Server Administrator



SyncME Server Main Program



The Main page tracks server data and sends the information to remotes. It also logs events and controls the back-up utility. SyncMe Server will also track Webpages and Files Downloaded via the server web IIS along with monitoring all critical resources for bottlenecks and performance issues.


SyncME Server Backup Utility



The Back-up Utility backs up newer files to the back-up location. If sending files Off Site is enabled it will also copy the files to a separate location to be Zipped and Sent to any connected Remote.


SyncME Server Send Utility



The Send Utility will transmit back-up files to the Remotes. It will also send the last file back-up to any Remotes that connect and have not received it.


SyncME Client Remote



The SyncME Server Client Remote is used by those authorized to receive Server Status and Back-up Files. Back-up files can be stored in a single folder (maintaining the latest back-ups) or in separate folders (Version Back-ups of each change)


SyncME Server is currently in final Beta. To participate in the Beta Program, send an email to and put in the subject line SyncME Beta and include your contact information in the body. You will receive a serial number good for the first version. Those who contribute will receive life time updates.


Windows Fully Tested on Win2K, XP, Vista, Win2003, Win 7, Win2008


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