No Crosses on

Federal Property!



Did you see in the news

Where the A.C.L.U. doesn't want any crosses on Federal property?


Crosses on Federal Property?





What is the ACLU thinking?

These brave Veterans fought and died so people like those

of the ACLU will have the freedom to say such things.

At what point do we say, enough is enough?

In fact it is a law within our government

that if a Christian symbol is put on government

property, you have to allow all people from every faith to

display their religious items, this include satanic

because our government recognizes them as a

legal religion.


Because of comments made by our president

groups like this have come together and won

the fight to make the season of Christmas not about Jesus

in the eyes of our government. In our schools the staff and

children cannot say
”Merry Christmas”

because this signifies that

Jesus is the reason for the season.

Instead they must say Happy Holidays.


Christianity in this country is on a backward slide.

It may soon be like other countries where you are

persecuted to worship Jesus.

Are we going to wait till then to make a stand.


They are working at getting the word GOD removed

from the pledge and also at over turning the bill that

makes it illegal to burn a cross. It seems that

those against Jesus are willing to bond together

more than those who say they believe.

In fact believers keep dividing themselves more and

more. As of 2000 there were over 39,500 different

denominations, groups, or organizations

of the Christian Faith.


Let us come together in His name and make a stance

for what He stands for, not what we as individuals

desire, but what Jesus desires.


Write you Congressman and Senator and remind

Them that this country was founded up God the

Father of Jesus and the Holy Bible

Which clearly states that Jesus is the Son of GOD.

Let them know you desire to have Christ in

every aspect of you life and that the forefathers

recognized only one religion as the foundation

of this country, at that is Christianity.


Pastor Scott