Welcome to the Invisible Warriors web site!!

As a group we choose to call ourselves a team vs a clan for the simple fact we work together to keep our server a clean fun place to play..Our requirements are that a player have a good attitude, fair game and be 16 or older...for those 8 through 15 we also have a junior squad...Any kind of cheat or enhancement that gives a player an edge is unacceptable...we are building our team as a team and each member contributes to that effort by running a stock game...our server is missionary mandatory and is required for all prospective recruits ..we have a one week waiting period in which time the prospective recruit plays with us and we watch for good attitude and fair the end of that week the team votes on acceptance and I will send you the team policy to be read, signed and returned to me acknowledging your acceptance of our code of conduct...once you are accepted teamspeak is then mandatory...members are required to be on teamspeak when they play.


We have a monthly donation of 5$ per member/family, to support the server, that may be made through the pay pal account on our web site...if there is any problem it can be discussed with Bart and may or may not be waived...
we have weekly team meetings where suggestions, complaints or concerns will be heard and discussed or just come and listen..


We will, at all times, endeavor to be the best server we can be; to make and keep it a fun, clean and enjoyable place to play.


Due to the large number of young people interested in becoming a part of the Invisible Warriors we are pleased to announce we have developed a Junior Squad...the age group accepted is between the ages of 8 and 16...if you are interested you may contact PFC Harris or Jazmin for details...
If you are interested in recruitment, please contact me at the following email

or download teamspeak from and come on our teamspeak,

Thank you for visiting our web site!!! come join us in a game and check out our server and of course the Mighty Invisible Warriors.