Invisible Warriors Code of Conduct

9 Jun 2002


First and for most; It is the desire of this team to create a clean and fair gaming environment for everyone to come and enjoy. We accomplish this by uniting as a team against bad names, bad language, and those whose desire it is to come onto our server with hacks and cheats.


On the Server:


No member of the IW Team will utilize any cheats, hacks, or aids of any kind. The only item authorized on this server is a custom gun sight. This also includes binding keys together to give the player an added advantage.


Proper language will be maintained at all time.


Respect will be given to each player on the server, whether it is visitors or teammates. Showing disrespect to anyone will not, and should not, be tolerated.


There will be no open accusations of cheating or anything else made to any player on the server. If you need to address an issue with someone, you will ask them to join you in spectator.


You will not create policy or threaten players with being kicked. These items will be handled by an admin (Core Member).


When addressing bad language or names, it will be done tactfully and in a non-offensive way.


Members and players should treat each other with respect. Making jokes, kidding around and having fun is half the reason why we play MOHAA, donít do it at the expense of another players feelings. Know when to draw the line.


Team members will watch the flow of the game and the size of the teams, and switch teams accordingly.


There will be no open complaining about maps, policy, or anything else on the open server.


Team members will not engage in horseplay such as running around without a weapon, killing themselves intentionally, or any other behavior which displays anything other than a professional attitude.


As Team Members:


You will be expected to come on teamspeak prior to entering the game.


Once you make the team you will immediately register with the competition ladders.


While participating in a match, you will display a professional attitude at all time. Weapons will be holstered unless actively practicing and the team will meet at a common point and wait for the match to begin. The only individual to talk with the opposing team leader will be the match commander.


Team members are expected to play periodically throughout the week. If you are not going to be on the server for a specific period, you need to email Blackbart and let him know.


You may not join another clan while being part of the IWs.


You will not change your name or remove the tag when going to other servers.


You will maintain the same level of professionalism on each server you visit. If problem are encountered on other servers, do not fight with them, bring it to the core team.


We are here to enjoy the game and have fun, but also have the responsibility to the team and those coming to our server to maintain the cleanest and fairest environment possible.


Team Policy


1. When entering a normal game, we will make every attempt to join the weakest team. We need to not only set the example, but practice on both allies and axis for team matches.


2. We will not be using any add-ons except for a custom sight (the one in the game is far from adequate), sound and blood patches. Any patch that changes the ability to spot the enemy, like neon skins, or help to avoid grenades, like neon grenades, or shooting assists like aimbots, or any patch that changes the overall play of the game, will not be used.


3. When committed to a match, you will make every effort to be there, or find a replacement.


4. Use appropriate language, especially on other servers


5. Remind others of team rules when they are breaking them


6. Internal or External disagreements and conflicts (e.g., flaming other clan members for possible cheating in a ladder match) will not be discussed in the server or any other public venue. Use a private forum or request an ICQ meeting to discuss it.


7. We expect members to maintain activity by playing in the server and contributing to the team. If there is a reason that prohibits such activity, please let someone know in the team.


8. Our aim, first and foremost, is to have a good attitude and fair play. Score is a secondary consideration.


9. Scrimmages and Matches will set up and finalized by the core members only. Server scheduling and such is a large factor and can only be known by them.


10. Each Team member will be expected to make one practice a week. If you cannot, let someone know.


11. Effective 11 Nov 2002, each recruit accepted will be placed in the IWR team. This is another team but still part of IW and will participate in practices, is part of a squad, and play in tournaments.


12. Core personnel will vote on recruits once a week.


13. During team matches, their will always be one Core Member present on the server will be the Match Commander.


14. When you join the team, you will wear the tags at all times, even when playing on other servers. You are also representing the team, so act accordingly.


15. You will be held responsible for your actions, and if continued offenses are noted, will be terminated from the team and server.


16. When on the server, if you notice suspicious players or have someone creating a problem, make every effort to contact one of the Admins to come in and take care of the problem. Please do not allow it to go on and affect the server.