Pfc. John Cory Johnson

Wound Warrior Dove Hunt

Rovey Dairy, Phoenix, AZ


On Saturday Sep 8, 2012 the Wound Warriors and Rovey Dairy sponsored the 1st of what will be many Dove Hunt and Clay Target Shoot for our Wounded Warriors and Veterans. This dove hunt provided wounded veterans the opportunity to hunt with an aid, where they might not have been able to have this opportunity any other way.


What makes this special is that Rovey Dairy offered up their land, providing select areas for the wounded warriors to be able to easy access and a target rich environment, giving these veterans the opportunity to hunt and shoot with others available to help them.



Paul Rovey, the owner of Rovey Dairy, was excited to be able to provide an area for the Wounded Warriors to hunt and to say thank you to those who have served and given so much for their country. He also hopes to sponsor the event a few times each year.


Many local hunters lent weapons for those veterans who did not own their own and The Sportsman Warehouse provide cases of shells to support the event. Many others showed up to show their support and helped in different ways. The Colors were also flying as high as possible with the help of a donated crane.



More than 150 attended this event, which was higher than expected for the first of its kind in the Phoenix area. Along with Veterans and their families, groups of children came to tour the dairy and its operation. With thousands of rounds shot it was a great time for all, many waiting for the next hunt.



With roads lined with the Flag and Veterans standing side by side the Patriotism was felt like rain drops in a down pour. It is such a great experience to be around so many who have given so much, brought together, not for political gains or for any other reason than to say THANK YOU for their sacrifice.



The Dove Hunt was sponsored in honor of a Fallen Arizona Soldier, Pfc. John Corey Johnson.